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Sale Disclaimer- This 3D printed Glow handle is an awesome and unique handle. The reason it’s on sale is because on the bottom of the handle, we made an insert where you can put your reel. The insert/indent is too big so your reel might move a little bit if you use tape, it will be perfect. Feel free to reach out with questions!

The Alpha Noodle is hands down an awesome panfish rod and is our best seller for a reason. With its ultra thin tip for detecting the lightest biting panfish, you’ll miss less fish than ever before. The Alpha Noodle also has an extremely strong backbone to hold up against any toothy critters that you may run into.

Even though this a top of the line rod, if it is not in stock or exactly what you would like, please contact us to order a custom ice rod today!

The last picture is not the exact same rod- it is just there to show how the glow rods look after dark 

*All pre-built ice rods ship within 2 business days*

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36” White Alpha Noodle - All Glow

36” White Alpha Noodle - All Glow

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