Rod Warranty Policy

The GSO Fishing Rod Limited Lifetime Warranty 

Gold Standard Outdoors proudly guarantees the craftsmanship and materials of our custom fishing rods. Our limited lifetime warranty covers: 


Defects in Material or Workmanship

We strive that your custom fishing rod is free from defects in materials and workmanship for its lifetime. We will repair or replace any rod found to be defective without any fee to you, the customer. 


Shipping Costs

If you receive your rod and the rod is found to be damaged from the shipping process, GSO will cover shipping cost. For all other repairs, you are responsible for shipping charges when returning your rod for service. If you find your rod to be defective, please email us images of multiple angles to show where the product is broken. 


Damage Due to Misuse

If your rod is damaged due to misuse, we offer repair services for a fee if we deem that the rod is repairable. If your rod is unrepairable, we do not offer any repairs or discounts. 


There are many different types of breaks that can occur to your rod that we will repair for a fee depending on the type of damage. Here are a few of the common breaks/damage that we are willing to repair for a fee plus shipping: damaged guide, damaged handle, damaged tip, etc. 


Damage Due to Manufacturing

At GSO, we honor our craftsmanship. If you happen to have a loose guide, a loose handle, peeling epoxy or anything else that is a failure to manufacturing, we will take care of that at no charge. 


Warranty Exclusions

This warranty does NOT cover normal wear and tear, misuse, or modifications. Examples include high sticking and overloading. Here are a few examples of exclusions: High sticking (swinging in too big of fish for the rod), getting crushed (Slamming in door, stepping/sitting on etc.), overloading (too much weight on rod), and fractures (hitting against a hard object). Our rods should not be used as tools (chisel or hammer). 


All warranty decisions are at the discretion of GSO. This limited lifetime warranty may be amended by Gold Standard Outdoors without notice. 


The warranty only applies if you’re the original owner of the rod or if you received it as a gift. 


To file a claim, please email us at

To qualify, you must:

  • Provide proof of purchase
  • Provide three photos of the damage to the rod
  • Provide a description of how the rod was damaged